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What the hell is with these user icons?!

I can usually take a joke, but either 1 of 2 things happened here:

1) DA was hacked and my account info was either stolen or manipulated; not cool.

2) The more likely case is that it is April Fool's and DA thought it would be cute to change my icon to some Twilight shit I do not approve of, thus suggesting things about my person that are not true and affiliating me with things I may not wish to be affiliated with. Let's not forget that DA is art gallery site, and sometimes used professionally. The forced alteration of my profile might be funny to other DA members, but people outside of the site might not understand this is a 1-day deal and that can affect their opinion of me.

Frankly, bottom line is that this is MY account and DA has no right to alter it. If they don't like that and want me to leave, than tell me.

I am pretty pissed off about that and hope I am not alone.

I'm sending DA an email about this. If I suddenly disappear you'll know DA didn't like what I said.
So, at an art show I was involved with last Thursday I was approached by 3-4 people who represented either private collections of galleries, and were interested in my work. This was fantastic, EXCEPT I had neither business cards nor a website they could go to to see more of my work. This is especially embarrassing since I am a Flash programmer professionally.

Anyway, I still don't have business cards, but the website issue has been rectified. Check it out at:

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. If you have questions or comments please leave them here instead of emailing me through the website email. I am trying to keep that for mainly people interested in purchasing my art.

-David Smith
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If you happen to be in the Orlando, Fl area tonight (WED NIGHT April 15th) around 5-8PM, come check out the UCF BFA art show at the gallery in the Visual Arts Bldg at UCF. Im finally in the show, and Im pretty stoked about it. The show will be there for a couple weeks, but I'll only be there wed from 5-8pm. I'll be answering any questions about my art... or life in general...

I can also probably answer some programming or physics questions if you have them, heh.

Anyway, hope to see some people there!

-David Smith
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In a couple weeks I have an upcoming show and need to show about 9 of my best images. So I figured I would ask what you all thought.

Leave a comment here with the 9 images of mine you think the best. It would be super-spectacular if you also included links, just to make things easy on me, heh.

Thanks so much for all your support!


PS: I have another upcoming show in 2 weeks in downtown Orlando,FL with 19 other artists. Its gonna be awesome and if any of you are in town I would highly encourage going to the show. Here is a link to the show webpage:
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I have recently been featured in an art magazine, which I am stoked about... however, it made me realize that all my titles are pretty much crap... because I wasnt thinking about titles when I was uploading... I was just trying to upload.

I am in the process of rectifying that mistake on my part, so a large majority of my work is going to be, or has been, re-titled. Unfortunately I believe this means any previous links to my work will be broken. I do apologize for this inconvenience but I feel I need to re-title my work in a manner that will not embarrass me in the future ;)

-David (napoleoman)
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ok people... the DA spamming crap is getting to the ridiculous level. STOP CLICKING ON LINKS FROM PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW! If you do know them, simply ask them if they really did send you a link. also, if the link says its going to a site other than DA, I probably wouldnt click it.
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I was just informed that an individual had claimed a piece of mine as her own...

First off, thank you very much to the informant who told me about it. I am extremely grateful. I want to become a professional artist and make my living from what I love doing, yet how can I if others claim my work as their own? I am actually rather baffled by the who thing. What do you think of yourself, thief? Obviously the image is not something you could have drawn, otherwise you would have done so and been able to share in the pride and joy of creation. So how do you feel about yourself, claiming art as your own that you know you can not create? I just dont understand stupid people.

You know what... I dont know why Im protection you by not identifying you. It was Sedona on myspace:…
I encourage you all to check out her "My Art" photo album and see if you recognize any other art as stolen. She claimed "Quick Skelly" as her own:…
I have already claimed a copyright violation through myspace so it may not show up anymore.

Im not really angry... just bewildered that somebody would do this.
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I have tons more stuff to post... but Im redoing my computer and waiting for Adobe to ONE DAY send me CS4 like they were supposed to... until then there wont be that many updates :(

One thing I really want to start focusing on is color. I never use pastels or paints, and I really need to in order to advance. It kinda sucks, because its like starting to learn all over again... It can be incredibly frustrating that the simplest of things I can do with charcoal are impossible for me with pastels right now...

I just need to grind away at it and produce a billion horrible drawings so I can start producing some good stuff with color.

I can always paint over/under my drawings in photoshop... but I want the real deal, and utilizing photoshop more than just cropping and slight level correction just seems like cheating to me. *shrugs*

By the way, thank you all for your comments and support! I know I dont reply to every comment left on my submissions or main page, but rest assured I do read, and appreciate, every one of them.
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